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Navy wool cloak with oversize hood

Navy wool cloak with oversize hood

SKU: 0005

Navy cloak with oversize hood. full and sweeping !

This cloak is perfect for your next mysterious dinner party, eyes wide shut event, or Halloween!

This beautiful cloak flows and billows and drapes superbly! 

150cm length from shoulder to hem.  It's sleek and tailored, cutting a very fine shape. 

Made from 100% pure wool suiting fabric, care in cleaning is recommended, dry clean or very gentle hand-wash.

Beautiful oversize hood suits all sizes, sits on or over forehead, has fullness around face, at back, and along your shoulders. 

Will suit either gender.

Superb over a dinner suit for him, or a perfect cover for her beautiful gown or intimate lingerie outfit.

With a Filigree gold clasp as the neck closure, its a firm and secure 2 piece metal hook & eye..

Garment front meets edge to edge all the way down from the neck closure to hem.

This is the cloak you want if you desire full coverage around you and just have what you are, or are not, wearing underneath, peeping through the front opening.

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