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The Cloaks of Honour legend...

Who is Cloaks of Honour? My real name is Cheryl and I've been creating costuming and exotic and magical designs for many years.  To celebrate my new endeavour "Cloaks of Honour", my psuedonym is now  'Honour' and all my creations are lovingly made with honour" by Honour the Hand Maid for "Cloaks of Honour"

Cloaks of Honour was born from the passion of creating authentic costuming for re-enactors for all genres like Medieval, Renaissance, & Viking.

Cloaks of Honour welcome you to our world where we will take you on a mystical journey of unique handcrafted garments made here in Australia where each item is uniquely crafted, with true honour!
Some of our in house specialty designs are :
Opulent cloaks, for men, women, and children. Not only for re-enactors, but for many other alternative occasions. Whether it be role play, weddings, formal balls, movie production, or theatre. 


Some of our favourite creations are Battle cloaks for men, The hunter vest for the warrior, peasant shirts, & Viking trousers for men.
Gowns for ladies such as the Duchess design, the Regent design, The Princess design featuring from 1 godet up to a gorgeous 7 godets creation, the Maiden design, and the ladies Viking dress and tunic design, muslin underdresses, full circle petticoats, & even enticing lace up corsets!
And not leaving anyone out, we cater to the little knights and ladies of all ages with everything from cloaks and dresses, to shirts and trousers

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