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Ladies glamorous Duchess gown with oversize hood.

Ladies glamorous Duchess gown with oversize hood.

SKU: 0002

Purple shot taffeta Duchess gown.

Glamorous medieval gown, called the Duchess, ladies medium size 10-14 Australian.  Its made from shot taffeta, so it billows and flows as the wearer walks.

This Duchess gown has the added feature of an over size hood, with room enough to go over all hair styles.

The design is a frock-coat, which is open at the front. This allows for beautiful petticoats and corsets underneath to show and peep out. Alternatively, you may choose one of our underdresses to wear, and fill in the gown front. 

2 sturdy hooks and eyes, or a cord of silver twisted with purple, forms the front ties. If you are the minimum size, the hooks and eyes do up, and if you are slightly larger, the cord criss-crosses corset-like to link these and do up! Either way looks really beautiful.

Gown features a slight train at the centre back for sweeping grandeur! And flared sleeves like a true Duchess!


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