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Black Tuxedo cloak with oversize hood, open front.

Black Tuxedo cloak with oversize hood, open front.

SKU: 0008

Black cloak with oversize hood, made in Panama suiting, to flow and billow. It's sensually magical and mystical!

150cm length from shoulder to hem.

Will suit either gender.

Beautiful oversize hood suits all sizes, sits on or over forehead, has fullness around face, at back, and along your shoulders. This hood extends down front to approx 30cm from shoulder seam to join cloak front on chest.

It's sleek and tailored, cutting a very fine shape.

Superb over a dinner suit for him, or a perfect cover for her intimate lingerie outfit.

Ties at the neckline, this cloak front sits away from the neck and ties up under a bow tie, at throat. Does not meet at the front, and shows what's underneath.

This is the cloak you want if you need to show what you are, or are not, wearing underneath!


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