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Cloaks of Honour...Let me introduce you to a deeper passion!

A world of grandeur! Sensational cloaks and garments especially for grand events & occasions!

Winter cloaks with lashings of fabric swathed around your body, and other desirable styles of divine wonder that have been hidden away as a long forgotten secret.

Welcome into a medieval world, where you make your dream into a living fantasy.

Bring to life the pageantry of your own Renaissance cloak with an oversize hood.

Everything we make, from the frivolous fantasy stock through to the genuinely authentic for the dedicated medieval re-enactor or fetishist, is made in Australia, made well, & individually crafted.

Enjoy it as a fantasy dress up costume or seriously special occasion garment-opulent & captivating-the signature cut of our cloaks is not meagre! You will love to stride grandly as the cloak billows widely around as you walk. 

We make cloaks with or without faux fur, with or without a hood, with or without a lining, fur on the cape & not on the hood, fur on the hood & not on the cape, fur on the cape and on the hood-always gorgeous-and really specialized are the separate hoods with a matching cloak, both with or without fur.


The accessories are numerous, all utilizing leather, fabrics like velvet, brocade, silk, wool or rich cottons and always trimmed, edged or decorated with faux fur. Hats, headbands, bags, purses. They have to be seen to be believed!  Some are particularly pretty, and some are particularly underworld.  Plus all genres in between.  And if you have an extra special passion, we are all ears, we would love to create it for you.

What is your persuasion?

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